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Archibunk3r Associates, 2000, 7'12''
audio: "Ebb", Sack & Blumm, TomLab, 1999

Archibunk3r Associates is a video portfolio of an architecture and design bureau based on Mars, in a distant future. AA are the authors of teleport centers, stadiums, satelites, the Channel of Light, the SofaGuard , Hard Disc, the Multi Purpose Vehicle used in Time for Space, and Tower city, among others.
"In Archibunk3r Associates, a kind of prototype catalogue from an architecture and design studio from the future, we find once again Miguel Soares obsession with the artificial environment in which life in technologically developed societies or in imagined future societies takes place.
A sense of melancholy, to a great extent given by the music, inhabits this images of idealized architecture and objects. We do not know for sure to what the sense of loss is due to - if to a world extinct, the city as a space of sociability and the experience of nature as a tangible reality, if to an utopian society based on technological advances as an instrument of progress and well-being. "
Miguel Wandschneider, in SlowMotion - Miguel Soares. ESTGAD+Art Attack. Caldas da Rainha. Portugal

Archibunk3r Associates
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