untitled (two)


video projection, stereo sound,
music: “I can’t see you” and “song slowly song”, Tim Buckley

One night at home, my quiet was disturbed by these four people having a discussion that ended up in a fight. I grabbed my Hi8 camera and started shooting the scene from the balcony of my apartment, trying to pass unnoticed. My heart was beating fast. Months later I was looking at the Hi8 footage with sound turned off, and listening to one of my favourite cds: Tim Buckley’s first album,”Tim Buckley”, 1968, ed. Electa. I noticed how two diferent songs would give two different ways of percepting the same images. untitled (two) shows the footage shot from the balcony two times, with two different songs from the Tim Buckley album: “I can’t see you” and “Song slowly song”.
“From the window of his apartment, holding the video camera, Miguel Soares recorded violent events that have disturbed his long nights spent working in his computer. This video is the most distressing example of a series of three done in the same amateur video style, that contrast with his 3D animation work for which he is known. By commenting the image of a couple involved in a violent discussion that ends in a fight, with two different songs by Tim Buckley, one in a melancholic tone, the other in a passionate tone, the artist opens reality to a fictional construction and to poetic imagination.”
Miguel Wandschneider, in SlowMotion – Miguel Soares. exhibition depliant. ESTGAD+Art Attack. Caldas da Rainha. Portugal



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