Sparky (3D animation)



audio:  Sparky, track 08 of 002, audio CD,  ed., 2002

Sparky is a 3d animation made for Sparky, the music included in the audio cd migso002.
It tells the story of mr. A, that was going on the street one day and is mistakenly identified as someone called Sparky by Mr. B.
Mr.B shouts: -Sparky?
Mr. A replies: No sir.
The pursuit begins. Mr. A takes a taxi to an airport, then a plane to a desert island. Followed by Mr B.
Mr. B spots Mr.A in the island: -Sparky?!
-No sir.
Mr. A takes a plane to another continent, then a taxi to the Space Agency, then takes a rocket to the moon.
Followed by Mr.B that lands on the moon seconds after Mr.A.
Mr.B: -Sparky?
Mr. A: No sir.
Zoom out. two lunar modules on the surface of the moon, facing each other. lunar mountains and behind, the earth. end.

animation stills