Air Portugal 2, Pond art space, San Francisco


Air Portugal 2
curated by João Simões, Miguel Soares & Phoenix Perry

November 16 > December 17, 2001
Form 8 at
The Pond
San Francisco, USA

+info at form 8

Frieze Magazine article

exhibited works: SpaceJunk beta 1.0


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Situation Zero, Hierba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco


Situation Zero
curated by René de Guzman

August 25 > November 04, 2001
Hierba Buena Center for the Arts
San Francisco, USA

exhibited works:

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Go To Frisco – Sister Spaces, Southern Exposure, San Francisco


Sister Spaces
Go To Frisco
curated by Natxo Checa / Galeria ZDB

September 09 > October 28, 2000
Southern Exposure at Project Artaud
San Francisco, USA

exhibited works: Time for Space

related links: Go To Frisco at


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