migso 002 (solo exhibition), Galeria Monumental, Lisbon


Solo exhibition

May 04 > 25, 2002
Galeria Monumental
Lisbon, Portugal

exhibited works:

  • Sparky moon 6 Durst Lambda prints on aluminium
  • Sparky, 2002, 3d animation, stereo sound, 2′14”, audio: migso, sparky
  • migso 002 audio CD. Album release and listening area.
  • GT, 2001, 4′00”, 3d animation, stereo sound, audio: “Rackrailway to…” Roberto Musci & Giovanni Venosta, 1987



migso_002 is my first audio cd and also the name of my 2002 solo exhibition in Galeria Monumental, in Lisbon.
migso002 cd includes 30 musics I composed and recorded between September 2001 and February 2002.
The music was composed using computer and audio software. In the cd booklet are images from the Bug series from 1999 where I photographed a small mechanic toy with a laser pointer attached, inside a mirror cube. The mirror cube is courtesy of Tiago Batista. The cd was released by Variz, ref.003den, a small independent electronic music label in Lisbon.