Ecologias Correlativas


Ecologias Correlativas
curated by: chimera+, Greg Barton

October 13 – 27, 2011
319 Scholes, Brooklyn
New York City, USA

exhibited work: Place in Time

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Stream, White Box, New York


curated by João Silvério

November 30, 2007 > Jamuary 05, 2008
White Box
New York, USA

exhibited works: Jumping Nauman

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Negativlandland, Gigantic Art Space, New York


curated by Lea Rekow

September 09 > October 22, 2005
Gigantic Art Space
New York, USA

work shown: Time Zones

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neg gas IMG_1747

neg gas IMG_1751

Gigantic Artspace, New York City, September 2005 - videoland-gas

H2O, Luxe Gallery, New York


September 2004
LUXE Gallery project Room, New York

list of works
H2O (3D animation) (projected)
H2O 6 prints, 50×70cm each.




For Immediate Release:

Opening reception for both Rick Levinson and Miguel Soares
Monday, 20th September 6 – 8, 2004 – hope to see you there!

Project Room – MIGUEL SOARES – H2O

LUXE Gallery,
24 W. 57th Street # 503
New York, NY 10019
September 20th – October 30th
Opening reception: Monday, September 20th, 6- 8.

In the Project Room, Luxe Gallery is happy to present new photographs and video work by Miguel Soares.
Based in Lisbon, Soares is one of the leading digital artists of the new generation in Portugal.
In the 90’s, he developed work that ranged from photography, installation to video and sound, and in 2000, he turned to the exploration of 3D animation software which became his main tool of expression. He also joined the largest Portuguese Quake clan, as part of the international Internet gaming community.

Under his alter ego “Migso”, Soares composes electronic music which he integrates in his 3D animations and releases as audio CD’s. Many of his videos are made for -and in collaboration with- music groups like Negativland (2003), Sack & Blumm (2000) and Roberto Musci and Giovanni Venosta (2001). With the San Francisco Bay Area group, “Negativland,” known for its struggle against restrictive copyright laws in the 90’s, Soares created “Time Zones” – where he investigates the use of media as a vehicle for psychological warfare, and of
computers to control the “imperfections” of mankind.

Soares’ photographs featured in Luxe’s Project Space comment on mankind’s relationship to the surrounding environment and the use / misuse of technology.
“H2O” is his most recent 3D animation: a humorous reportage both distant and ironic view of man-made debris that end up underwater. Are fish adapting themselves to these alien objects?

In 2001, Soares was invited to participate in “Situation Zero: Recent Art from Portugal” at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco. Recent exhibitions include: Galeria Graca Brandao, Oporto (Portugal); Location One, New York; Centre
Georges Pompidou, Paris (France); The Stenersen Museum, Oslo (Norway).

Concurrent to this exhibition is Rick Levinson’s Acts of Faith in the main gallery.

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Artists in Residence – New Work 2004, Location One, New York


work shown:
H2O (3D animation)


Location One – Artists in Residence – New Work 2004

Opening Reception: Thursday, May 27, 2004, 6-8 PM

Alexandra do Carmo
Koken Ergun
Vincent Lamouroux
Federico Muelas
Hsiao Sheng Chien
Miguel Soares
Koki Tanaka
Mark Themann

May 27 – June 30, 2004
Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 12-6 pm

26 Greene Street
NYC 10013
212 334 33 47


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Red Alert, Location One, New York


Red Alert
curated by Nathalie Angles
November 15 > December 31, 2003
Location One
26 Greene street
New York, NY 10013

Sathurday (November 15th) from 4 to 6 pm, Location One inaugurates a
new gallery space, adjacent to our main gallery, which will be known as the
“Test Site.” This is our experimental studio where we will present
work-in-progress by our artists-in-residence, experiments with new technology
and discussions of all types. We are happy to initiate the Test Site with
work-in-progress by Miguel Soares (Portugal), which consists of a whimsical
sculpture, large digital-C Prints and a video piece.

exhibited works:

  • Gustavo v2.0, 2003 (below on this page)
  • Time Zones (video/3D animaton), 2003
  • 2 prints from the Mosaic series: Hulk and Fighter, 2003


Gustavo v2.0
junk bags, motorized arm, laser pointer.
“Do androids dream of electric sheep?” -Philip K. Dick
Gustavo is a robot that has been discarded in a black garbage bag. Out of this bag extends Gustavo’s motorized arm, with a laser that is carving a drawing on the wall.
Do robots dream of being artists?

Time Zones
2003, 05′28”
video and 3D animation
sound: “Time Zones” Negativland, Escape From Noise album/cd, Seeland Records, 1987
Time Zones is about time and size, United States versus the Soviet Union, the cold war, the use of media as a vehicle for psychological warfare and the use of computers to control the “imperfections” of men.
Time Zones was created in collaboration with Negativland during the last year, based on
their audio work from 1987.

Durst lambda prints
These images are composed from the juxtaposition of 5000 to 8000 smaller images taken from the internet.
The cover of The Hulk magazine is made out of flower and landscape images.
The Jet Fighter droping a bomb is made out of internet logos and buttons.

Project for Aleksandra Mir’s Corporate Mentality


Corporate Mentality
Aleksandra Mir / John Kelsey
Lukas & Sternberg Inc. New York

book download

(pg. 162.)

Corporate Mentality

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